Tools and Systems

Budgeting and Planning System

Princeton uses the Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Planning software to plan revenue and expense activity across all operating departments and funds for each fiscal year. In addition to tracking high-level plans for overall all- funds University operating activity, a module within EPM Planning called Prime Planning is used to set control totals for General Fund expense budgets that may be distributed to specific departments and programs. EPM Planning software is leveraged to manage:

  • All-funds planning by the Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis, with input from various University organizations
  • Spring forecast updates by the Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis, with input from various University organizations
  • General Fund expense budget re-allocations by administrative organizations, in Prime Planning

The Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis periodically transmits updated General Fund and Institutional Expense Fund budgets from Prime Planning to the Information Warehouse (IW) to set spendable balances on Prime Financial reports.

Planning, Budget, and Analysis Office Journals

Journals from the Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis provide approved annual central allocations and payout for many departmentally managed funds, including:

  • Academic Allowance Fund (A0001) - July
  • Research Rebate Fund (A0002) - September
  • IAC Rebate Fund (A0050) - July
  • Other centrally designated funds – varies by Fund, mostly July
  • Endowment funds – July, then Quarterly
  • External trust funds - Quarterly

Once a Department receives a central allocation, it is best practice to review where the actual spending occurs for each fund and make related fund assignment journals to avoid showing deficit balances in those chartstrings.

Labor Accounting Cost Transfers

The Labor Accounting Salary Cost Transfer Request form may be used for chartstring changes for Special Payments, Accrued Vacation, Severance Pay, Casual, Undergraduate and Graduate hourly wages that cannot be made directly in Labor Accounting.

For non-Sponsored Research manual salary and transfer requests, the Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis processes a spreadsheet journal after receiving the completed LA Cost Transfer form. Please send the form with supporting documentation and any inquiries to [email protected].

For more information, visit the Labor Accounting Cost Transfers section.