Tools and Systems

Hyperion Budgeting and Planning

Princeton uses the Hyperion Budgeting and Planning institutional software package to plan revenue and expense activity across all operating departments and funds for each fiscal year. In addition to tracking high-level plans for overall all-funds University operating activity, Hyperion is also the system of record wherein centrally managed funds (the General Fund and Institutional Expense funds) are set and distributed to specific departments and programs.

The Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis periodically transmits updated central fund budgets from Hyperion to the PeopleSoft budget ledger in order to set spendable balances on Information Warehouse reports. These include:

  • General Fund expense budget reallocations by administrative departments   

  • General Fund spring forecast updates by administrative departments

  • All-funds planning by the Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis, with input from various University departments

Labor Accounting

The Labor Accounting tool is used at Princeton to allocate salary costs to General Ledger chartstrings. It contains salary information for faculty, staff, and bi-weekly employees. Labor Accounting also distributes graduate student stipend and tuition charges. In Labor Accounting, departments are able to review and update salary and stipend funding both into the future and retroactively for employees and graduate students.

For more information, visit the Labor Accounting section.

Planning, Budget, and Analysis Office Journals

Journals from the Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis provide annual revenue and funding infusions for many departmentally managed funds, including:

  • Academic Allowance Fund (A0001)

  • Research Rebate Fund (A0002)

  • IAC Rebate Fund (A0050)

  • Other centrally designated funds

  • Endowment funds

  • External trust funds