Requisitions, Approvals, and Purchase Orders

In the spirit of Princeton’s General Principles - Purchasing Goods and Services Policy, purchases should be encumbered and approved within Prime Financials prior to placing the order. The approval of a requisition, which results in a purchase order sent to the supplier, is required prior to purchasing goods or services, including the hiring of temporary staff from an agency.

Prime Marketplace

The Prime Marketplace features goods and services in a familiar online shopping experience with negotiated pricing from Princeton’s preferred suppliers. Details of supplier records are available through the Prime Marketplace.

Search for items by keyword or item number or punch out to one of our supplier websites. When you find the item you want, simply put it in your shopping cart. If you can’t find what you need, you can make a special request within the Marketplace, which routes to someone who will source the item or service for you.


Requisitions may be created for goods or services that are not available in the Prime Marketplace.

Type Description Example
Special Request Item Specialty goods that are not available in a Prime Marketplace catalog A specific make/model of a piece of equipment
Fixed-Cost Service
  • A flat fee for a one-time service
  • Paid by achievement of milestone or deliverable
  • A service rendered incrementally over time
A recurring fee that a supplier invoices several times
Time and Materials A way to enter a variable-cost service and associated goods in a single step Parts and labor, diagnosis and repair of equipment
Variable-Cost Service Based on the number of units of work to be completed, along with the rate of work The cost to hire temporary work that is based on the hours worked and the rate paid