Contracting and Agreement Tracking System (CATS)

The Contracting and Agreement Tracking System (CATS) provides transparency into the drafting, review, negotiation and signing of University contracts. It facilitates tracking and reporting on University agreements while also enhancing communication among the University community. Contracts with suppliers against which purchases may be made are listed in the marketplace and on our website as noted below.

Active Supplier Contracts

A list of Active University Supplier Agreements is available and refreshed on a quarterly basis. The list can be easily searched by name or diversity category, as well as by descriptive key words. All contracts listed may be used by campus with a simple Statement of Work or, for less complex purchases of goods, via Purchase Order. Preferred suppliers are those suppliers selected through a competitive bidding process. Competitive bidding enables the University to purchase the best goods and services while increasing supplier diversity and keeping University costs down. Contact Procurement Services to set up a sourcing event for purchases of goods or services.

Email Notifications

If you are partnering with Procurement Services and it is determined that a contract is required, you may receive email notifications from CATS as your contract moves from request to final agreement. Please note: CATS uses specialized email addresses to capture messaging in the relevant contract record (m-7ij4… These email addresses should not be edited, and you should reply to these messages without changing the address.

DocuSign Integration

An additional benefit of CATS is that it is integrated with DocuSign, a secure electronic signature solution. If you sign contracts—as defined under the University’s Transaction Authority Policy—then you may receive emails from DocuSign and [email protected] as the contract is routed through the signature process.