Buying and Paying Process

Whether purchasing goods and services via requisition or credit card, Princeton aspires to engage diverse suppliers, making it an integral part of the way we do business.  

There are three ways in which you can buy and pay for goods and services:

  • The requisition process, which includes the Prime Marketplace
  • University credit cards
  • Non-PO payment request (in very select cases)


The primary way to buy and pay is through requisitions. Once approved, these requisitions become purchase orders.

Search for Products and Services in the Prime Marketplace

The majority of your everyday purchase requests will be made in the Prime Marketplace. Faculty, staff, and students use the Prime Marketplace to initiate requests for goods and services. Many necessities for University operations can be found there, and this also is where you begin the requisition process. 

Manage Your Requisition

Process for a payment from cart to requisition to approval to PO to receiving to matching to invoice to payment.

At any point during the process, the Shopper, Requisition Creator, and Approver can readily see the status of a purchase. Requisition Creators and Approvers also have easy access to detailed requisitions, order history, receiving information, matching, invoices, and payments.

University Credit Cards

Non-PO Payment Requests (Very Limited Use)

Non-PO payment requests are used for very select transactions including honoraria and limited engagements, utilities, institutional payments, royalties and copyrights, and some employee moving and relocation expenses.