Pay and Reimburse Faculty and Staff

Most non-salary payments to faculty and staff are reimbursements for business and travel expenses incurred on behalf of the University, or cash advances for expenses that will be incurred. For information about payments to foreign nationals (NRA), see Non-Student Foreign National Information (NRA).

All non-payroll payments must be compliant with our Business Expense Policy. Please refer to this policy to determine what constitutes an appropriate award or gift.

Reimbursements to Faculty and Staff

Reimbursements for Princeton faculty, staff, and students should be submitted using an expense report in Concur.

A Note Regarding Taxes

Reimbursements submitted within 60 days of being incurred are normally not taxable. Reimbursements submitted more than 60 days after being incurred, as well as other types of non-payroll payments, generally are taxable and will be reported on IRS form 1099, W-2, or 1042-S.

Other Types of Non-Payroll Payments


When nominating an employee for an award, there are three programs from which to choose: 

Awards of cash will appear in a faculty or staff members’ paycheck, are taxable pay, and will be reported on a W-2 or 1042-S.


Departments may give gifts to employees for various, appropriate reasons. The treatment and taxation of gifts can vary depending on the value of the gift and the tax status of the recipient. Gifts made in the context of employment are highly regulated as they are difficult to distinguish from taxable compensation. See the Business Expense Policy for guidance.