Pay and Reimburse Students

Salaries, wages, fellowship stipends to graduate students, and payments for work performed by students are generally taxable and processed through Payroll. Read about the tax implications of student payments in Student Tax Information and Scholarships and Fellowships.

Find the Right Payment Approach

Activity Payment Approach

Non-PO payment request,

ODOC  (also view ODOC procedures for requisitioning undergraduate prizes and awards)
Business Expenses (on the University's behalf) Concur expense report
Group Activities SAFE
Independent Work SAFE
Internships SAFE (also view the Payroll and Labor Accounting sections)
Prizes from a Competition Non-PO payment request
Scholarships and Fellowships Non-PO payment request (visit Tax Compliance for taxation guidelines)
Senior Thesis Research SAFE
Special Projects SAFE
Study Abroad SAFE
Travel Expenses (on the University's behalf) Concur expense report