Request a Cash Advance

When traveling, you may request a cash advance to pay for travel expenses when other payment options are not available or do not meet your business need. The Financial Service Center, (609) 258-3080 or email,  will work with you to identify the most appropriate purchasing tools for your particular business need.

Cash Advance Options

Cash advances may be issued in one of two ways:

  1. Travel and Expense Card: The Financial Service Center can enable ATM cash withdrawal functionality on a Travel and Expense Card.

  2. Concur: When necessary, you may submit a cash advance request through Concur. Once approved, the advance will be issued by check or direct deposit. Learn how to Submit a Cash Advance Request in Concur.

Substantiation Requirements

Your cash advances must be substantiated within 60 days of incurring expenses. Any unspent portion of the cash advance must be returned within 120 days. For more information, please see the Reimbursement Policy

Learn how to Substantiate a Cash Advance.