Hire and Pay Temporary Staff

Departments may have a need to hire temporary staff using staffing agencies. When temporary staffing agencies are used, they serve as the employer of record responsible for collecting, remitting and paying all payroll and employer taxes.

Temporary staffing agencies provide two types of staffing services, Payrolling and Recruiting services.

  • Payrolling services are used when a manager would like to hire a pre-identified individual.  This service incurs a much lower fee structure than recruiting services.
  • Recruiting services involve the temporary staffing agency performing a search for the individual(s) that best meet a defined set of specifications and is the process used when viewing resumes from these agencies.

Once you have identified the staffing service path, refer to the updated list of University-approved temporary staffing agencies, which is maintained by the Office of Human Resources and Procurement Services.

As a hiring manager, you should first contact the agency to confirm the specifications and requirements of the position, including skills, work hours, and length of assignment. Once your temporary worker selection has been made, create a variable cost service requisition in Prime Financials to generate a purchase order to the supplier. This single purchase order can be used to transact all of the payments to the agency.

University-approved staffing agencies provide benefits to the University such as lower negotiated rates and conversion fees, protection for the University through background checks and other regulatory requirements, and a simplification of the approval and payment process based on the manager approval of the time sheet.