Non-PO Payment Request

Non-PO payment requests are used only in very select cases when the University needs to make a payment to a supplier, a faculty or staff member, a guest, or the government or another institution. Situations in which it is appropriate to request a non-PO payment include:

  • Reimbursement paid to an employee for moving and relocation expenses

  • Payment to a Student of a one-time graduate fellowship

  • Payment to a Speaker in the form of an honoraria

  • Reimbursable Travel Expenses for a Princeton guest

  • Limited and Special Payments such as royalties, permits, taxes, and utilities

Not all suppliers are eligible for non-PO payment requests. Active suppliers for whom we have opened a purchase order cannot be paid via a non-PO payment request.

Create a Non-PO Payment

Learn how to create a non-PO payment request.

Documentation and Forms

Documentation (invoices, receipts, tax, or other information) can be scanned and attached electronically to the non-PO payment request.