Learned Society Travel

Charge qualified Learned Society expenses to your department and the General Fund (A0000) using Program AM025, Learned Society Travel. The Office of the Dean of the Faculty (DOF) periodically reviews charges Learned Society Travel charges made to the General Fund. If costs appear not to comply with DOF policy guidance or if the cost exceeds limits set in the Learned Society Policy memo, then the DOF will request that you create a Prime Journal (Cost Transfer / Correction) to move any non-compliant costs to another chartstring in your department.

Review the Learned Society Travel Policy.

Documentation Requirements 


To assist in the DOF’s review, attach a copy of the conference program to the Concur expense report. It should include the name of the society or conference, the dates of the meeting, and the title of the paper. Include only the page(s) listing the faculty member's paper and the program cover or page listing the conference location, name of the society, and the dates of the meeting.

To attach this document in Concur, select: “Receipts > Attach Receipt Images.” You do not need to send your expense report to DOF for approval.

Prime Journals 

If you are moving already-recorded Learned Society-qualified costs from another chartstring onto the Learned Society chartstring, include the name of the faculty member and the fiscal year of the approved trip (Faculty member’s name, FYXX) in the Journal Line Description.