Supplier Management

A supplier or payee is any company or individual, domestic or foreign, with whom you intend to transact. These must be registered with the University prior to the transaction, as outlined below.

Register a Supplier or Payee

Before the University can make a purchase or payment in Prime Financials, a record for the supplier or payee must be created in the University's supplier database. 

Supplier/Payee Guides

These guides answer many questions about the registration process. Contact the Financial Service Center at (609) 258-3080 or by email for additional assistance.

Supplier/Payee Tax Forms

In addition to IRS forms, other information may be required to onboard a supplier or payee, such as insurance, visas, and contract copies. Please refer to our Domestic and Foreign Supplier/Payee Quick Reference Cards for more information. 

  • Domestic Suppliers/Payees that have been invited to register through Prime Marketplace are not required to upload a W-9 form. Instead, all relevant information will be collected through the online registration process. 

  • Foreign Suppliers / Payees are not yet able to register through Princeton’s Supplier Portal and still use paper forms; complete the Foreign Entity Supplier Management Form or Foreign Individual Supplier Management Form. For Suppliers/Payees requesting a tax treaty exemption or foreign financial institutions, the full IRS W-8BEN-E or W-8BEN form is required.

Reactivate Inactive Suppliers 

To ensure that supplier information in Prime Financials is accurate and up to date, a record will be marked as inactive if a Supplier/Payee has had no activity in the last 25 months. An inactive record will remain in Prime, but the Supplier/Payee will not be available for a requisition or non-PO payment request. 

To request that a supplier record be reactivated, complete the online Supplier Request Form in the Prime Marketplace, selecting “Update Existing Supplier” as the reason for the request. Procurement Services will work with the Supplier/Payee to update their information as necessary. Once the Supplier/Payee’s information has been confirmed, the record will be reactivated and you will receive an email notification including the supplier or payee’s ID number.