Information Access and Security

Keeping Princeton’s financial data secure is a responsibility shared by all users of Princeton financial systems. Access to financial systems is tightly controlled via security roles, business functions and ChartField security. Each user should hold only the security necessary to carry out their job responsibilities. If those responsibilities change, security should be reviewed to ensure it is still relevant. Any access that is no longer appropriate should be removed. Security changes should be requested on a timely basis, using the Prime Financials Access Request.

Business Functions: What can you do?

Business Functions are logical groupings of security roles that are assigned to individuals based on their job responsibilities. A user can be assigned multiple Business Functions.  The “Marketplace Shopper” functionality is automatically assigned to all Prime users and therefore does not need to be requested. Additional Business Functions can be added by completing the online Prime Financials Access Request.

Complete Business Function List

System Access: Where can you do it?

Overview and Responsibilities

With the appropriate sign-offs, access to a financial system can be granted or modified at any time.

Request Access to Prime Financials 

To request or modify your access to Prime Financials:

  1. Complete the online Prime Financials Access Request.
  2. The request will automatically route to the person specified as the Departmental Approver.
  3. Once  approved, the request will automatically route to the Financial Service Center, where your security will be assigned. Notification will be emailed to you upon completion.

Security provisioning is normally completed within one business day from receipt of the online request.

Transfers, Terminations, and Changes in Responsibility

If your job responsibilities change, your manager should request the relevant role changes and/or removals, so you continue to have only the access necessary for your job responsibilities. If you are transferring to another department, your manager should request removal of access relevant only to your old position and should also remove any ChartField security that you should not hold after you leave. Note that access to Prime Financials is automatically locked when you retire or leave the University. Prime access may also be temporarily locked for individuals on a long term leave of absence.

Request Access to Labor Accounting

On the Labor Accounting Access Request Form, you will see the matrix of elements that can be chosen in order to grant very specific access and authority. All Labor Accounting (LA) users have access to LA reports in the Information Warehouse. Some users may also be granted additional access, including the ability to enter data, and the authority to review and approve salary distribution.

To request or modify your access to the Labor Accounting system and / or related Information Warehouse reports:

  1. Complete a Labor Accounting Access Request Form.

  2. Have it signed by your department manager.

  3. Scan and email or fax the form to the Financial Service Center, 7 New South, 609-258-1982.

The approval process normally takes 2 business days from receipt of the request.

Important Note: If your financial role changes or if you move to another department, or if you manage someone whose role changes, the access profile must be changed immediately. Access is removed when you retire or leave the University.

Approval and Workflow: Who approves it?

ChartField Access: What can you see?

Three ChartFields—Department, Program, and Project—control what users can see in the Information Warehouse.

  • Department: For the specified five-digit department, the user can see the account, fund, program, and project income and expenses.

  • Program: For explicitly secured Programs, the specified owners can view all financial information for the program. For example, for a faculty program, only those explicitly assigned to the program will be able to view the information.

  • Project: For each sponsored project, the PI and the department contacts (financial manager and NOA recipient) on the primary project can view all projects under an award.

Prime Financials Access Request

Request access to Prime Financials via an online dynamic process in the Princeton Service Portal.

Online Prime Financials Access Request