Cash Management

SRA’s Cash Management function provides support for cash and receivables management related to sponsored research awards, with a focus on providing a consistent cash flow for the University. Cash Management processes invoices (interim and final), manages drawdowns against letters of credit, monitors payments and receipts, and coordinates collections. 


The Cash Management team coordinates with SRA analysts on the following key responsibilities. Any questions about billing should be sent via email.

  • Process federal Letter-of-Credit (LOC) cash draws and web-based invoicing.
  • Prepare and file the quarterly Federal Financial Report for the respective LOC awards and coordinate with SRA analysts on funding, cash, and expenditure reconciliations.

  • Process fixed, scheduled, or cost-reimbursable invoices for non-federal and federal pass-through grants and contracts.

  • Assist analysts when refunds are necessary via a LOC or check.

  • Apply sponsor payments and ensure they are credited to the correct award and invoice.

Where to Send Payments

Cash Management manages a variety of payment types depending on the terms and conditions established for the award. Any checks and payments received across the University should be sent to SRA’s attention for deposit so they can be secured and processed appropriately.  Any check payments must reference:

  • The invoice number

  • Research award title

  • Award number

Sponsors should not mail checks to departments or principal investigators directly. Check should be mailed to one of the following:

First Class, Certified, or Overnight Mail

Princeton University
Sponsored Research Accounting
701 Carnegie Center, Suite 443
Princeton, NJ 08540

Verify package receipt: (609) 258-3070
Point of contact / new customer setup: (609) 258-3070

ACH/Wire Transfers

Sponsors may elect to make payments via ACH/wire transfer rather than check.  Princeton’s bank information is below. The message field should include the invoice number, research award title, and award number.

Bank Name: PNC Bank New Jersey
Address: 500 First Avenue Firstside Center, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Swift Code (Foreign): PNCCUS33
Sort/Routing/ASA (Domestic): 031207607

Bank Account Number: Email SRA to obtain the bank account number. 

Cash Management Glossary

  • Line of Credit (LOC): These are federal research payments that Princeton draws down directly from the respective agency.

  • Cost Reimbursable (non-LOC): Invoices generated via the PeopleSoft System and distributed monthly to sponsors based on the expenses incurred as of the date of the invoice.

  • Scheduled/Fixed/Prepaid: Invoices generated per the milestones inputted into PeopleSoft and sent to sponsors per the award terms.

  • Sponsor Refunds: Amounts due to a sponsor might be identified during the reconciliation of an award.  

  • Accounts Receivable: Outstanding payments due to Princeton that are tracked based on the invoice date.


The Cash Management team serves as the point of contact for any payments that need to be made via check or wire transfer. Direct billing inquiries should be sent via email. We can provide information and answer questions regarding where to mail checks, how to wire payments, or how to handle an outstanding invoice. 

SRA analysts review the Accounts Receivable Aging Report periodically and work to address any outstanding sponsor-collection issues. Once an invoice is outstanding for 60 days, Cash Management coordinates with collection specialists to determine next steps, notify the department, and escalate the issue to ORPA and the Office of General Counsel as necessary.