Princeton Financial Glossary - D


The Office of the Dean of the Faculty, responsible for the academic staff.


A central data repository organized into groups of data "stores," that are usually updated nightly with data from various transactional systems. The DataMall serves as a basis for central reporting and querying, which can combine data from multiple systems beyond what can be reported by any one system. It has been replaced by the Information Warehouse.


An accounting entry that increases assets and expenses and decreases liabilities and revenues. It appears as a positive number on a journal voucher.


An amount subtracted from an employee's gross pay to reach net pay, or an amount allowed to taxpayers as an offset against income.

Deferred Compensation

In general, the postponement of a wage payment to a future date is considered deferred compensation. The portion of wages set aside by an employer for an employee and put into a retirement plan or other deferral instrument on a pretax basis.


A concise, exact statement describing a thing or a concept. The objective of a definition is to convey a unique identity and a precise meaning in order to prevent confusion with something else.


An operating unit of the University. See Home Department, Initiating Department, Owning Department, and Reporting Department.

Department Chair or Head

An individual who is a department chair, department head, or office head.

Department ChartField

ChartField that defines the organizational unit that is responsible for revenues and expenses, and typically contains people and a budget.

Departmental Administrative Allowance

Lump sum general funds budget for academic departmental administrative expenses that departments may distribute over their general funds project/grants from 1001 to 1049.

Departmental Charges (DC)

The financial system used by the central service departments such as Telecommunications, Prospect House, Dining Services, and Hardware Support to charge departments for the use of their services and produce an "invoice" in the Information Warehouse and a general ledger entry.

Departmental Credit Card

The University's Credit Card Program has been designed to allow Cardholders to directly purchase small dollar value items or services. The credit card should be viewed as a supplemental tool for approved departmental expenses to buy products which are more efficiently bought by credit card; or to buy from vendors who routinely only do business via credit cards or cash. Ideal transactions include: repetitive low dollar purchases from non-MarketPlace vendors, water & coffee service, subscriptions, and catering for department events.

Departmental Summary Report (DSR)

Displays summary budget and actual financial information for any given fiscal year by project/grant for a specified department as of a specified date.


Designation is the term used to indicate that a fund's purpose has been restricted by the University rather than by a donor.

Direct Cost

Those costs that can be identified specifically with a particular sponsored project, an instructional activity, or any other institutional activity, or that can be directly assigned to such activities relatively easily with a high degree of accuracy.

Direct Deposit

The electronic transfer of an employee's net pay directly into a financial institution account designated by the employee, thus avoiding the need to receive a live paycheck.

Drill Down

A term used to describe the action needed to reveal additional detail information about summary financial information within an Information Warehouse report.


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