General Fund Expense Budgets

LAST UPDATED: November 15, 2016

What You Should Know

Administrative Organizations’ Non-Personnel General Fund Expense Budgets

Administrative Organizations’ initial non-personnel expense budgets are posted in July. After any approved budget changes are reported in the October Update to the Priorities Committee, the Budget Office will provide a form with which Administrative Organizations can reallocate their non-personnel General Fund expense budgets to more specific Departments, Accounts, and Programs. These reallocated non-personnel expense budgets will be posted on reports in November. Details on the timing and process for these reallocations are communicated via other notices each year.

Administrative Organizations’ General Fund Salary/Personnel Expense Budgets

The Budget Office reviews administrative Organizations’ authorized General Fund FTEs and Labor Accounting records at the beginning of the fiscal year in order to set personnel expense budgets for the year. Administrative organizations are contacted by the Budget Office each spring regarding the upcoming fiscal year’s update process, including review if authorized General Fund FTEs.

Other General Fund Budget Postings

Other major components of the General Fund budget, such as faculty teaching budget, scholarship, and other central expenses--and centrally managed income streams like endowment payout, tuition and indirect cost recoveries--are updated to reflect prior-year actuals and expected changes for the fiscal year in progress. These General Fund budgets are posted in October or early November, after they are reported to the Priorities Committee.

General Fund Fellowship Budgets

The University budgets General Fund fellowship expense at an aggregated, all-academic department level. This posting of the overall total occurs in the fall after the Graduate School updates its projections to reflect changes in the number and support distribution for students who arrive in September. Actual General Fund fellowship expenses are recorded in specific Departments, but corresponding budgets are not posted at that level.

Institutional Expense Fund (A0018) Budgets

Working with administrative organizations that manage the activity, the Budget Office prepares annual updates of projected institutional expenditures recorded on fund A0018. These updated plans are posted on Information Warehouse reports as part of the October Revised Budget update each year. Please contact your Organization’s budget analyst if you have questions about the budgeted institutional expenses in your area.


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