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What You Should Know

Income appears on financial reports under different 1XX account codes, which indicate the source of funding. The income source may vary according to the fund group: 

  • Fund 10: Primarily budget appropriation account code 105-109. Other income account codes (110-199) appear infrequently in fund 10, most typically to cover a deficit or to fund an expenditure that is not part of the usual costs incurred by a department. All 1XX account codes are reflected in total spending authority; however, with a few specialized exceptions, codes above 109 are not part of the primary spending authority posted by the budget office.
  • Fund 20: Various account codes, such as endowment income (198), gifts (130/131), central source funding transfers (192 and 194), and other income (e.g., 156). Budget appropriation account codes (105-109) are never used in fund 20.
  • Fund 40/60: Sponsored research grant spending authority appears on account codes 140-141.
  • Fund 80: DPTXXXX funding entries appear on account code 193.

Estimating Income

The method of estimating income varies by fund group. In general, departments need to estimate income only for fund 20. Central offices, such as asset administration, ORPA, and the budget office, estimate income for funds 10, 40, 60, and 80.

Receiving Income

The method and rules for receiving income vary by fund group.

  • Fund 10: The budget office posts the budget appropriation to fund 10 project grants.
  • Fund 20: Fund 20 project grants receive income initially from central office postings. For example, the Development Office posts gifts on 130/131 codes; the budget office posts investment income on the 198 code and research rebates on account code 192; the Dean of the Faculty and Provost’s Office post specific allocations, such as UCRHSS or Science Fund transfers on codes 192 and 194; and the cashier’s office posts other income received from outside sources, often on account code 156.
  • Fund 40/60: ORPA posts initial sponsored project spending authority via the Coeus system.
  • Fund 80: income allocations and budgets are posted by the Office of Asset Administration.

Allocating Income

The method and rules for allocating income vary by fund group.

  • Fund 10: Departments may reallocate spending authority within their non-salary allowance PGs using the Budget Allocation Worksheet.
  • Fund 20: Income transfers, where allowed, may be made by the individual department managers who control project grants that hold such funding. For example, restrictions permitting, departments may transfer endowment income from an income-receiving project grant to another expense project grant.
  • Fund 40/60: only ORPA/Sponsored Research Accounting may reallocate income across or within project grants (e.g., changing expense line spending authority).
  • Fund 80: income allocations and budgets are posted by the asset administration.

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