IFDB-RFDB Security

LAST UPDATED: February 24, 2011

What You Should Know

Invested Funds Database (IFDB) reports provide departmental end users with important information about funds under their control that are invested in the University’s Primary or Secondary Pools, or are invested outside the University (trust income). Report IF001 displays establishment, restriction, and principal (market and book) values, where applicable. Report IF002 displays each year’s new investment income by the project grant that receives such income. 

Restricted Funds Database (RFDB) reports present project grant opening and restriction (if applicable) information for expendable term gifts posted by the Development Office to departmental fund 20 project grants. Report TG001 displays such term gift information. Information about capital project gifts and sponsored project grants is not presented on TG001 reports.

Information Accessibility

Visibility of primary IF001 and IF002 information is controlled by the user’s financial system security to see the destination project grant that receives income from a given invested fund, or, on the term gift project grant. 

A department manager with project grant security for all project grants in a given department will be able to see all invested funds and term gifts that provide funding to project grants in that department. Users with more limited project grant security will be able to see only invested fund and term gift project grants to which they’ve been granted access.

See Our Systems for information about access to project grant information.

Additional Security

A second level of security is imposed on the PDF files associated with each invested fund or term gift project grant, due to the sensitivity of some of these documents, such as donors’ wills. All users with security to a given project grant can see IF001/IF002 or TG002 restriction summaries for that project grant, but they cannot drill to associated images for that project grant unless they have obtained second-level image security. 

Department managers or chairs must authorize image security for users in their department to whom they wish to grant privileges to see scanned documents for invested funds and term gifts. Use the IFDB/RFDB Image Security Application Form to request this security authorization.

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