Requisitions, Approvals & Purchase Orders

LAST UPDATED: April 19, 2018

What You Should Know

With Prime, the primary way to buy and pay will be through requisitions that, once approved, become purchase orders.

At any point in time during the process the requisition creator can readily see the status of a requisition or purchase order.

Overview of the Requisition, Approval & PO Process


A requisition is a request to buy a good or service. In most cases, your requisition will include the supplier, item, quantity, cost and shipping information. When you shop in the Prime Marketplace, each catalog item you put in your cart carries this information. If you need an item or service that is not in a catalog, you will create a special request in the Marketplace.

Your requisition creator uses the items in your cart to complete a requisition in Prime Financials, adding ChartField information, ship to addresses, and any supporting attachments and comments. The requisition then routes to the appropriate approver based on dollar amount and Department ChartField(s).


Once a requisition creator has completed the requisition, the requisition is submitted for approval within the department being charged. If multiple departments are being charged, the requisition may require approval by multiple approvers. The total amount of the transaction also affects the approval routing. approvers are assigned standard approval thresholds for financial transactions.

Dollar Approval Thresholds

Approval Threshold Dollar Amount
Threshold 1 $0.01 - $2,499.99
Threshold 2 $2,500 - $4,999.99
Threshold 3 $5,000.00 - $24,999.99
Threshold 4 $25,000.00 and greater

Purchase Orders

Once approved, Prime Financials automatically generates a purchase order that is sent to the supplier. The information on the purchase order is used to fulfill your order. Purchase orders are dispatched every hour from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. so there should be no need to phone in orders.


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