Non-PO Payment Request

LAST UPDATED: May 20, 2019

What You Should Know

Non-PO Payment requests are used only in very select cases when the University needs to make a payment to a supplier, a faculty or staff member, a guest, or the government or other institution. 

Situations in which it is appropriate to request a Non-PO Payment include;

  • reimbursement paid to an employee for moving and relocation expenses,
  • payment to a student of a one-time graduate fellowship,
  • payment to speaker in the form of an honoraria,
  • reimbursable travel expenses for a Princeton guest, and
  • payment for items such as royalties, permits, taxes, and utilities.

Not all suppliers are eligible for a Non-PO Payment request. Active Suppliers for whom we have opened a purchase order cannot be paid via a Non-PO Payment request. For suppliers with a purchase order, requests for payment must be initiated via a requisition. 

For types of purchases appropriate for Non-PO Payment requests see the Buying & Paying Guide.

For a listing of Payment Types and Accounts, see the Non-PO Payment Types Guide.

Improved Non-PO Payment Process

A new and improved non-PO payment process is available in Prime Financials at Main Menu > Employee Self-Service > Payment Request Center. This new non-PO payment functionality allows for one-time guest reimbursements without supplier/payee onboarding and will eventually replace the existing non-PO payment process. To ease transition as we approach year end, users will have access to both the new and existing non-PO payment request processes. In addition to the ability to pay one-time guest reimbursements without onboarding, the new process features:

  1. Updated navigation.
  2. One-screen summary visibility to all details of the request.
  3. Clearer explanations for required fields.

Request a Supplier

Before a Non-PO Payment can be requested or issued, you must Request a Supplier.

Create a Non-PO Payment

Documentation and Forms

Documentation (invoices, receipts, tax, or other information) can be scanned and attached electronically to the Non-PO Payment request.

Learn more about Documentation Requirements for Setting Up a Supplier.


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