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LAST UPDATED: January 24, 2017

What You Should Know

The University Copier Program provides new, multifunctional copiers that print and copy in color, and provide scan and fax capabilities at a lower cost to departments. These multifunctional devices have a small physical footprint, consume less energy, and are less costly than printing to a local desktop or network printer. These devices are for departmental use only, and should not be used for personal copies.

If your department needs a copier, or would like to learn more about the University Copier Program, email


The cost for the Canon multifunctional copiers is $0.03 for black and white and $0.15 for color copies/prints. This rate includes the cost of the device, toner, staples, and all service and repair. There is no cost to scan or fax.

Departments will be invoiced quarterly via the Departmental Charges (DC) system. Periodic usage reporting is available, and details about how to access this information is forthcoming.

Multifunctional Copier Instructions

Copier Supplies and Service Calls

The cost of all toner and staples, as well as standard shipping for these supplies, is included in the per click cost of the copier. We recommend keeping one toner in the machine, and two back up on hand at  all times. When more toner or staples are needed for your Canon multifunctional copier, contact Canon directly at (800) 355-1385. Please have your serial number, located under the document feeder on the silver label, available.

To request service for your Canon multifunctional copier, contact Canon at (800) 355-1385.  Be sure to have the serial number, located under the document feeder on the silver label, available when you call.  The average response time is 4 business hours, and service will be completed during the University's regular business hours.

If you have any questions, please contact


Printing on the Canon multifunctional devices is less costly than printing to a local desktop or network printer and reduces the amount of used toner cartridges entering the waste stream. Additionally, all parts of the Canon toner cartridges and waste toner cartridges are 100 % recyclable, and can be placed in your regular office recycling.   No special recycling process is needed. Please help support University sustainability efforts by using the multifunctional copiers in place of desktop or network printers where possible. Desktop and network printers that are no longer needed can be sent to the University Surplus Program.

As always, think before you print, and only print or copy when necessary.

Public Access Copiers

Public access copiers are located in libraries and other open areas and are available for public use. All public machines have card readers that accept University ID Cards valued with PAW Points as well as generic copy cards (pre-valued and departmental usage copy cards). Faculty, staff, and students may add PAW Points to their ID Card at the TigerCard Office in New South during regular University business hours, or online at any time.

Copier Cards

To obtain a pre-valued or departmental copier card using a Prime chartstring, request cards online through the TigerCard Office. You will be contacted within three business days by the TigerCard Office when your cards are ready for pick-up on the A Level of New South. For cash purchases, visit the Firestone Library Circulation Desk.

There are two options to add money to an existing copier card, or to your TigerCard:

1) The Value Transfer Station (VTS) located on the 100 Level of the Frist Campus Center allows you to add additional PAW Points to your TigerCard, or to add value to pre-valued cards you previously purchased. The VTS accepts cash only.

2) TigerCard Office: Value can also be added to copier cards by visiting the TigerCard Office located in New South during regular business hours, or online at any time.

If a card purchased with a chartstring, whether pre-valued or departmental usage copier card, is ever lost or stolen, please send an email to with the number of the missing card.

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