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LAST UPDATED: July 17, 2019

What You Should Know

eShipGlobal is an online tool providing a convenient one-stop solution for shipping most ground and express packages and letters. Supporting both domestic and international shipments, eShipGlobal is designed to save time and reduce shipping costs, by providing several features to meet University shipping needs:

  • Rate and delivery option comparison shopping – The University’s contracted rates with UPS and FedEx are preloaded, allowing for comparison of discounted shipping rates based on the destination and speed of delivery desired.
  • Shipping document automation - All necessary shipping documents can be prepared and printed right from the tool eliminating the need for handwritten airway bills.
  • Shipment pickup and tracking – Shipment pickups can be scheduled from within the tool and delivery status notifications can be sent to the shipper and recipient.
  • Simplified Payment Options – All shipments are charged to a University credit card, eliminating the need to establish an individual billing account and process unwieldy carrier invoices.
  • Shipment History Reporting – Shipment history across carriers is available for download.
  • Shipping Supply Ordering – Shipping supplies can be ordered at no cost and delivered direct to your location.
  • Export Control Support – International shipments may be reviewed to ensure they are prepared in accordance with government regulations including the International Traffic Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and restricted party lists.
  • Research Collaboration – Billing and payment for shipments between research collaborators can be coordinated to manage shipping expense.

Using eShipGlobal

To use eShipGlobal, shippers must have a NetID and a University credit card. Most individuals are issued a netID upon joining the University; however, the Support for Computing in Academic Departments (SCAD) contact in each University department can assist in obtaining a NetID for those without one or those with a Department Computing Support (DCU) account. Additional information on obtaining a University credit card can be found here.

eShipGlobal is available through the Prime Marketplace. To access the Prime Marketplace, visit the Prime Portal. Requisition Creators will access eShip using the “Requisition” tile and then click on the Prime Marketplace link (within Prime Financials). Shoppers will access eShip through the “Marketplace Shopper” tile on the Prime Portal. Once in the Marketplace, click the eShipGlobal button to access the module. Upon first accessing eShipGlobal, shippers will complete a one-time update to their shipping profile and input their credit card information. Quick start instructions for shipping a package can be found in the Quick Reference Guide.

Training for the eShipGlobal Tool

Three brief training videos are available to learn how to use eShipGlobal to ship internationally and domestically, as well as how to reconcile transactions in eShipGlobal. To view these videos, visit the Employee Learning Center.

Reconciling Shipment Expenses

All shipments produced using eShipGlobal are charged to a University issued credit card and automatically loaded into Concur; however, please note that some carrier fees are not charged until the shipment has been delivered which may delay availability of the charges in Concur for up to 7-10 days after shipment. To review your shipments expenses, follow the instructions contained in the eShip Transaction Review Guide.

Shippers should attend Concur Training (NetID required) for information on reconciling expenses in Concur. All shipment charges should be reconciled in Concur on a timely basis as outlined in the University’s business expense and credit card policies.

Ordering Supplies

Several options are available for requesting UPS and FedEx shipping supplies and are provided at no cost, but are for express shipments only and cannot be used for ground shipments. Ground shipment packaging can be purchased through WB Mason, the University’s Office Supplies provider located on the Prime Marketplace.

  • eShipGlobal maintains a large selection of supplies available for ordering directly through the eShipGlobal home page. Please allow 7-10 days for shipping.
  • Print and Mail Services maintains a subset of the most commonly used supplies which can be delivered along with regular mail delivery by sending an email to For urgent needs, the Financial Service Center (FSC) at 7 New South also maintains a limited set of  supplies available at the walk-up window. Call the FSC at 8-3080 or email to confirm availability.
  • Most UPS/FedEx drop boxes across campus carry a limited number of supplies. 
  • Shipping supplies can also be obtained at FedEx and UPS retail and partner locations. The closest locations are:
    • The UPS Store - 174 Nassau St., Princeton, NJ 08542 - (609) 924-0759
    • FedEx Office Print & Ship Center - 731 Nassau Park Blvd., Princeton, NJ 08540 - (609) 799-2863

Please note that shipping supplies cannot be ordered online or by phone directly from FedEx or UPS.

Shipment Pickup

A variety of pickup options are available for pre-paid shipments created using eShipGlobal:

  • UPS & FedEx drop boxes are available at select locations across the University campus

New South
Frist Campus Center
The Helm Building

New South
First Campus Center
The Helm Building
1 East Pyne Hall
1 MacMillan Building
330 Alexander Street

  • Scheduling a one-time pickup by the carrier can be done directly within the eShipGlobal application when creating a shipping label. Please note that the carrier may assess a fee for this service.
  • Depending on shipping volume and frequency, regularly scheduled pickups can be arranged with each carrier at no additional cost.
  • Shipments can be dropped off at any UPS or FedEx drop box, retail store, or partner location.

Frequently Asked Questions

View a list of frequently asked questions about shipping with the eShipGlobal tool.

Information on Export Control can be found here and Shipping regulated materials (dry ice, hazardous materials, etc. can   be found here


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