Process Match Exceptions

LAST UPDATED: September 8, 2015

What You Should Know

Matching is the process of comparing vouchers (invoices) with purchase orders and receiving documents to ensure you pay for only the goods and services you order and receive.

A Match Exception is a discrepancy between the PO, Invoice and/or receiver. Typically, this happens because of a Price or Quantity difference above threshold. The threshold is 10% of the line or PO total, or $100 USD whichever is less.

The steps to resolve a discrepancy vary depending upon the exception. For example, a mismatch between the ordered quantity and the invoiced quantity may require a PO change request. Depending upon the change, the requisition may need to be resubmitted through the approval process. Once approved, the purchase order is updated and the supplier is notified of the change.

In an example where an invoice is received, but an item has not yet been received in Prime Financials, a Match Exception Error will be generated and an email will be sent to the Requisition Creator. The email will include a match exception error of 100.

About Match Exception Notifications

The match exception process is run on a daily basis, and email notifications are sent to the originator of the requisition. Match exceptions can be viewed by viewing the Payables Summary (FIN039) report in the Information Warehouse, or from the Match Exception Workbench in PeopleSoft.

View Match Exceptions on the Payables Summary Report (FIN039)

1) Open the Payables Summary Report, in the Buying & Paying folder of the Information Warehouse.

2) Enter your Department number and click Insert.

3) In the Match Status prompt, select "Match Exceptions Exist."

4) Click Run

This will provide a list of all outstanding match exceptions for the Department you entered.

Schedule Match Exception Report
You can schedule the Payables Summary Report (FIN039) to run on a regular basis to show your match exceptions. Learn more about How to Schedule a Report.

Manage Match Exception Emails
You can create a rule in your Outlook Inbox to filter all match exception emails to one specified folder. Now all match exception emails will go to one place.  Learn How to Set-up Email Inbox Rules.

Match Exception Error Numbers

Match exceptions are identified by match rule IDs. The most common Match Exception Errors are as follows:

  • Lines Not Received (rule 100)
  • Invoice quantity more than order quantity. (rule 550)
  • Invoice line price more than order line price (rule 490)

The Match Exception Reference Guide provides the definition for each match rule ID, and the action that needs to be taken to resolve the match exception.

Understanding Tolerances

Match exceptions tolerances are the overage where an exception is triggered.  The threshold is 10% of the line or PO total, or $100 USD whichever is less.

Important Considerations

Match exceptions to Marketplace orders, indicated by a globe icon, due to an incorrect invoice quantity or price can only be resolved by Accounts Payable. If the match exception is for a special request, indicated by the special request "server" icon, the user can initiate the change request for price or quantity.


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