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LAST UPDATED: June 19, 2018

What You Should Know

Procurement Services utilizes a purchase order (PO) to invoice matching process to ensure the University’s suppliers are paid the correct amount and only for the goods/services provided. This process compares important information on each University purchase order, such as item quantity and price, against the corresponding information on the supplier’s invoice. For larger dollar purchases this information is also compared against an acknowledgment by the purchaser that the goods/services have actually been received.

If all of the information matches, the invoice is paid. If there is a discrepancy, such as the item quantities differ, or the purchaser has not acknowledged receiving the item ordered, a match exception, identified by a match rule ID, occurs. When a match exception occurs, requisition creators receive an email notification outlining all current match exceptions twice per week, on Tuesday and Friday. In addition, match exceptions can be found on the FIN039 Payables Summary and FIN041 Payables Details reports.

Timely resolution of match exceptions is important, as each discrepancy must be resolved before the associated invoice can be paid. The resolution steps vary depending upon the exception. For example, a mismatch between the quantity ordered and the quantity invoiced may require a PO change request.

The Match Exception Reference Guide provides the definition for each match rule ID and the action needed to resolve the match exception. Additional information on managing match exceptions can be found on the Prime Financials Activity Summary and the Manage Requisitions page.

To learn more about managing requisitions, attend the two part training class called Requisitions: Create & Approve and Manage & Pay. These classes can be found in the Employee Learning Center.

View Match Exceptions on the Payables Summary (FIN039) Report

Match exceptions can be viewed by running the Payables Summary (FIN039) report in the Information Warehouse.

1) Open the Payables Summary Report, in the Buying & Paying tab of the Information Warehouse.

2) In the "Match Status" prompt, select Match Exceptions Exist.

3) in the "Department" prompt, enter your Department number.

4) Click Run

This will provide a list of all outstanding match exceptions for the Department you entered.


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