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LAST UPDATED: May 15, 2019

What You Should Know

A supplier or payee is any individual or company, domestic or foreign, with whom we intend to transact a purchase or a payment. Before the University can perform these transactions, a record for the supplier or payee must be created in the University's supplier database. Specific information is required in order to create the supplier record and ensure regulatory and tax compliance. This is a requirement whether you are purchasing goods and services using a purchase order, or initiating a payment through a non-PO payment request.

  • Before requesting a new supplier, always check to see if we have an existing supplier in place. Learn more about how to Search for a Supplier in Prime Marketplace.
  • Procurement Services is available to assist with the identification of suppliers and with sourcing goods and services.
  • Suppliers must be requested and approved before an order can be placed or a payment can be made.
  • A new and improved non-PO payment process is available in Prime Financials at Main Menu > Employee Self-Service > Payment Request Center. This new non-PO payment functionality allows for one-time guest reimbursements without supplier/payee onboarding.

Understanding Supplier Status

In order to do business with a supplier, the supplier must be active in the University's database. In addition, there are two types of active suppliers, those open for ordering and those not open for ordering. Suppliers who are open for ordering are able to receive purchase orders and payments. Suppliers who are not open for ordering, only have the ability to receive payments.

To place an order via the requisition/PO process, the supplier must be active and open for ordering. Suppliers who will be receiving a payment through the non-PO payment request process, such as a guest reimbursement or honorarium, must be active but will not be open for ordering. 

How To Request a Supplier

Request a supplier in the Prime Marketplace using the online Supplier Request Form. The request process and documentation requirements vary depending on the type of supplier or payee with whom you intend to perform a transaction. Review the Documentation Requirements for Setting Up A Supplier.

Learn more about how to Request a Supplier in the Prime Marketplace.

Supplier Request Process

Once you have submitted a supplier request through the Prime Marketplace, your request will be reviewed by Procurement Services.  The supplier or payee may be invited to log in to the system to complete a self registration process.  You will receive an email when the initial request is approved by Procurement Services and again when the supplier's self registration is complete.

The self-registration process may not apply to all types of suppliers and payees.  In such cases, you will enter the supplier or payee's information and if applicable, upload additional documentation to the online request form.

When your supplier or payee's registration has been approved, you will be notified via email.  This email will include the supplier or payee's ID number.

Procurement Services may return a request to you if additional information is required.  If your request is returned, the reason for the return will be included in the notification email.

How to Check the Status of a Supplier Request Form

You may review the status of your supplier/payee requests at any time via the Prime Marketplace.

Government Forms

Domestic suppliers:

  • Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

International suppliers providing a service:

  • Form W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding
  • W-8BEN-E, Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding (Entity) 
  • Form W-8ECI, Certificate of Foreign Person's Claim That Income Is Effectively Connected With the Conduct of a Trade or Business in the United States
  • Form W-8EXP, Certificate of Foreign Government or Other Foreign Organization for United States Tax Withholding
  • Form W-8IMY, Certificate of Foreign Intermediary, Foreign Flow-Through Entity, or Certain U.S. Branches for United States Tax Withholding

University Forms

For additional guidance, refer to the General Principles – Purchasing Goods and Service Policy. For independent contractors, limited engagements, and honoraria, including links to the step-by-step instructions, refer to the Independent Contractor Policy.

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