Account Review Guidelines

LAST UPDATED: April 10, 2015

What You Should Know

Use the Account ChartField to anlayze income and expense, monitor compliance with Fund restrictions and aid in future budget development. FIN005 Budget v Actual and FIN006 Budget v. Actual (A000 Only) provide information about Current and Year-to-Date revenue and expense. FIN011 Account Summary provides summarized, year-to-date view of income and expenses by Account Category.

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Examples of revenue and income include endowment payout, fund transfers and assignments, term gifts, recharge center recoveries. Amounts budgeted in A0000 are not considered income.


  • Expected income is received and accurately recorded.
  • Income fluctuations compared to prior months, quarter or year.
  • Significant changes in the activity pattern.
  • Fund transfers and assignments to ensure they are accurately reflected and consistent with fund classification rules and Chart of Accounts policies.
  • Sponsored research where review of fund assignments is critically important for monitoring revenue in support of cost share commitments.

Personnel Expenses

Review Labor Accounting Charges

  • Confirm Labor Accounting charges, including graduate student support, are reflected against correct chartstrings
  • Confirm distributions are correct
  • Move any staff that may default to A0000 or A0001 to other funds, if part or all of their compensation is to be covered by other sources.
  • Confirm open encumbrances reflect outstanding unpaid payroll commitments.

Step-by-Step information for how to perform these and other Labor Accounting activities can be found here.

Review Major Payroll Events

  • Confirm terminated employees were removed from payroll.
  • Confirm staff on unpaid leave are not paid.
  • Confirm new charges correspond to approved new hires or exceptional payroll transactions.

Step-by-Step information for how to perform these and other Labor Accounting activities can be found here.

How the Benefits Rate is calculated and applied - see the Employee Benefits Rate webpage.

Non-Personnel Expenses

Non-Personnel Expenses include, but are not limited to, professional services, temporary agencies, travel, copier charges, telephones, offices supplies, food, and printing. These expenses are reflected as a variety of transaction types including: payables, vouchers, purchase orders, credit card transactions, wire transfers, journals, and vouchers.


  • Major line items such as professional services and travel. Note that the order of importance of expense may differ depending on the departments.


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