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The Prime Chartstring

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ChartField Refresher

This 10 minute ChartField Refresher video is a helpful resource that provides a quick overview of the ChartFields available for use with financial transactions at Princeton University.

ChartField Refresher Course
ChartField Refresher (.pdf)

ChartField Definitions

Business Unit
The Business Unit ChartField is defined as the legal entity for all financial transactions.

The Department ChartField is defined as an organizational unit that is responsible for revenues and expenses, and typically contains people and a budget.

The Fund ChartField is used to track the source of funding. Learn more about the Fund ChartField.

The Account ChartField is defined as the natural classification of revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, and net assets. The term natural classification refers to the nature of the expense (salaries, supplies), revenue (tuition, grant), asset (cash, property) or liability (accounts payable, accrued liabilities).  Learn more about the Account ChartField.

The Program ChartField is defined as an activity owned and managed by one or more departments, academic programs or individuals. The activity typically spans Funds, Accounts and Departments while aggregating expenses and revenues around a common purpose. Program does not disaggregate balances tracked in other ChartFields. Program does not necessarily have a specified beginning and end date. Learn more about the Program ChartField.

The Site ChartField tracks buildings and properties that have a need to capture income and expenses (i.e. property or building where the revenue is generated and costs incurred and/or being performed).

The Function ChartField is defined as the identifier for transactional reporting that requires functional categorization for NACUBO (e.g. general administration, instructional support, etc.) and A-21 cost reporting.

PCBU (Project Costing Business Unit)
The Project Costing Business Unit ChartField is used to distinguish different types of users within Project Costing.

The Project ChartField is defined as collection of detailed transactional information related to grants, non-grant sponsored research and capital projects with specific beginning and end dates.

Sponsored Projects: The Activity ChartField will be used to track the year of the grant
Capital Projects: The Activity ChartField will be used to track the phase of construction


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