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LAST UPDATED: August 12, 2015

What You Should Know

Assignment Journals are used to move money to chartstrings with the same Fund. The same Fund must be used on all lines of this journal. The receiving department can run a Fund Restriction/Designation Report for all Funds with balances in their department. This will ensure that money is spent in accordance with the restrictions/designations of that Fund. Funds at the University, irrespective of how they are received, need to be monitored and managed by the Department "in possession" of the funds. The Department expending against any Fund is responsible for ensuring that each transaction meets the restriction/designation of the Fund being transacted against. When money has been moved through a Fund Assignment, the receiving department will ultimately expend against that Fund and is therefore responsible for meeting the stewardship obligations of the Fund.

If you are contributing monies to a University Student Group for a project or event, and the amount is less than or equal to $2,500 please do so through SAFE. Please contact for SAFE access or help.

Learn how to Create an Assignment Journal

Assignment Journals are used to:

  • Contribute funding to another chartstring (for an event, workshop, etc.) even if the receiving department is outside of your purview
  • Allocate funding for faculty research (into their person-specific program)

Assignment Journals are not used to:

  • Make Budget changes. Contact the Budget Office for Budget changes.
  • Correct Labor Accounting journals. These changes must be made in LA.
  • Record cost share on sponsored awards.
  • Correct a mis-posted transaction.

Sample Uses:

  • Assign money from a discretionary endowed fund to a faculty member 
  • Assign money to another department for a shared activity, such as a conference 
  • Assign money to a Program for a specific use, such as scholarly travel

Approval Routing

  • Approval workflow to departmental Approver

Assignment Accounts and Journal Description
Assignment Journals consist of a Fund Assignment in (Account 4802) and a Fund Assignment out (Account 4803). Utilize the Line Description field to describe the Assignment. Since the Fund remains the same in an Assignment Journal, there is no need to mention it in the Line Description field. This will save some space in the description.


Department 11111 is assigning $5,000 from Fund E1234 to Department 22222 to be used for a development conference held 5/6/15. Department 11111 chartstring will be debited and Department 22222 chartstring will be credited.


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