Using Financial Reports

LAST UPDATED: December 3, 2014

What You Should Know

Financial Report Buttons & Links

Financial Reports allow a user to navigate or perform tasks with toolbar buttons and hyperlinks. The buttons and links for the home page, report list, and report output are described in the Financial Reporting  Buttons & Links Job Aid.

Browse & Search Financial Reports

The Financial Reporting home page includes two tabs that appear at the top of the page.

  • Public Folders tab: Provides access to standard reports that are accessible to all users.
  • My Folders tab: Allows you to create folders to store and schedule copies of reports you frequently use. Note: If you want to schedule your report to run at a specific time, you should always save the report in the My Folders tab first.

Learn more about how to Browse & Search Financial Reports.

Customize Financial Report Folders & Views

If you work with financial reports on a regular basis, you may want to create personal folders or customize the view of the folders/reports.

Learn more about how to Customize Financial Report Folders & Views.

Financial Reporting Tips & Tricks

Using a few basic tips and tricks can create a more user friendly experience when accessing financial reports.  For example, when choosing a browser:

  • Internet Explorer is the recommended web browser for financial reports. If you use another browser, formatting, data drill‐throughs, and other functionality may not perform as described in this course. For some versions of Internet Explorer, you may need to use the compatibility feature.
  • For Mac users, Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser.
  • Do not use the browser’s Back and Forward buttons while navigating financial reports. Use the links and toolbars within financial reports to navigate in the application.
  • Your desktop screen resolution may affect how financial reports appear on your device. Look for horizontal and vertical scroll bars that you can use to display additional report information. You can also use browser zoom features to adjust the report view in your browser.
  • Your browser preferences and settings, including pop‐up blockers, may impact how financial reports work on your device.

Learn more Financial Reporting Tips and Tricks.

Training & Step-By-Steps

To search and register for reporting classes, visit the Employee Learning Center.

To view previous class materials, training materials, reporting job aids, and reference guides, visit the Training & Step-By-Step page for Financial Management & Reporting.

To view all available Step-by-Steps, please visit the Step-by-Step Library, and select Financial Reporting.


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