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LAST UPDATED: November 20, 2014

What You Should Know

Approval & Workflow

Approval routing is by Department, and is not tied to Fund or any other ChartField. Approvers have the ability to approve multiple types of financial transactions. They will see all financial transactions requiring departmental approval for their department, according to their assigned approval threshold(s).

Standard dollar approval thresholds apply across all transactions. 

Financial Transactions Requiring Departmental Approval

Financial transactions that require department approval are:

  • Requisitions
  • Online Correction & Cost Transfer Journals (II)
  • Fund Assignment Journals
  • (Non-PO) Payment requests
  • Travel & Expense Reports
  • Departmental Purchasing Card (pCard) Substantiation


Worklists are online lists used to manage the queue of transactional tasks in Prime Financials. Any financial transaction requiring departmental approval will appear in an Approver’s worklist. An individual will see any financial transaction within their approval threshold using the worklist.


There are standard approval thresholds for financial transactions.

An approver will only see transactions in their worklist that fall in the range of the highest threshold to which they are assigned.  For example, if your approval threshold is 4, you will only see transactions greater than $25,000.


  • Routing is based upon the total amount of the transaction
  • Threshold Levels 1 through 3 support automatic approval (For example, if the initiator is also an approver, the transaction does not require approval up to that level)
  • Approval is only required at the threshold that is tied to the transaction. Approval does not step thru prior thresholds
  • If multiple departments are impacted, only departments whose expense is being increased or revenue decreased must approve before moving forward


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