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LAST UPDATED: November 20, 2014

Who is a Financial Manager?

A Financial Manager is an individual who has overall responsibility for financial activities for an Organization, Group or Department.

What is the difference between a Financial Manager and other functions?

Financial Manager is a bundled function which means several functions are automatically included when Financial Manager is assigned to an individual user. Financial Manager includes the following functions:

  • Shopper
  • Traveler
  • Approver
  • Requisition Creator
  • Receiver
  • Journal Creator
  • Report Viewer
  • Sponsored Research Report Viewer

What else can a Financial Manager do?

  • Approve security requests for a specific Organization, Group or Department
  • Request new ChartFields (including new Programs)

Who should be assigned this function?

An Academic or Administrative Manager, Business Manager, Grants Manager, or an individual who serves as a backup for any of these roles should be assigned the Financial Manager function. 

It is expected that this function is limited to a small number of individuals in any specific Organization or Group.

What can a Financial Manager see in an Information Warehouse Report?

What a Financial Manager can see is controlled by their ChartField security assignment. An Academic or Administrative Manager for a specific Organization or Group by default will be provisioned to see All Programs within a specific Organization, Group or Department. Generally, they should be provided all Department ChartField security access as well. Click here to read more about Information Access and Security

What is the appropriate approval threshold for a Financial Manager?

All Financial Managers are Approvers. Each department should determine the appropriate approval threshold for their Financial Manager. Remember, approval threshold assignments most directly impact how many transactions users see in their work lists in PeopleSoft.

What systems will a Financial Manager have access to?

  • Prime Marketplace
  • Prime Financials
  • Concur
  • Information Warehouse

Courses available for Financial Managers

Please refer to the course list for other functions to identify those course specific to Financial Managers.


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