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LAST UPDATED: July 3, 2018

Who is a Requisition Creator?

A Requisition Creator is an individual who reviews shopping requests and creates requisitions and non-PO payment requests. This function can view assigned shopping cart contents and bring carts into a requisition, complete an order on behalf of a Shopper, and create non-PO payment requests in PeopleSoft.

A person assigned to this function must ensure proper accounting information is assigned in the requisition. Activities within this function include create and maintain requisitions, enter ChartFields, create receipts, inquire in PeopleSoft on purchasing and accounts payable transactions, and create supplier add requests. Requisition Creators do not automatically have approval rights.

What can a Requisition Creator do?

A Requisition Creator can:

  • Review and add information to carts created by Shoppers
  • Pull carts into PeopleSoft to create requisitions
  • Add ChartField information to purchase requests, for example specify the Fund
  • Shop supplier catalogs (Punchout and Hosted)
  • Create special request for services
  • Create special request for goods
  • Shop non-catalog contract items
  • Inquire on purchasing and accounts payable transactions
  • Acknowledge receipt of goods
  • Access detailed requisition, approval, order history, matching, and invoices

Who should be assigned this function?

Individuals who create direct POs in your department should become Requisition Creators.

What is the difference between a Shopper and Requisition Creator?

Shoppers only access the Prime Marketplace. They are not expected to know ChartFields.

A Requisition Creator takes the Shopper’s cart from the Prime Marketplace and builds the requisition. The Requisition Creator must understand which chartstring (Department, Fund, Account Program, Project) applies to the purchase request.

While all Faculty and Staff are Shoppers, a smaller number of staff are Requisition Creators.

What systems will a Requisition Creator have access to?

A Requisition Creator will have access to:

  • Prime Marketplace
  • Prime Financials (PeopleSoft Purchasing and Accounts Payable)

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