What's New & Different: Information Access

LAST UPDATED: November 20, 2014

What You Should Know

Prime introduces new methods of securing access to financial information that are different than the previous Project Grant-centric model. There are four main components to Prime Information Access and Security. The four components are:

  • Function: What can you do?
  • System Access: Where can you do it?
  • ChartField Access: What can you see?
  • Approval and Workflow: Who approves it?
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What is a Function?

Functions answer the question, “What can I do?” Functions are logical groupings of business and systems tasks that are assigned to individuals. An individual can be assigned one or more functions. All users will be assigned three functions by default: Shopper, Approver, and Traveler.  

System Access

System access for a user is determined by the functions they are assigned. Each function specifies the system access required to perform the related tasks.

ChartField Access

Three ChartFields, Department, Program, and Project, manage what users can see in the Information Warehouse.

  • Department - For the specified five-digit department, the user can see the Account, Fund, Program and Project income and expenses.
  • Program - For explicitly secured Programs, the specified owners can view all financial information for the Program. For example, for a Faculty Program, only those explicitly assigned to the Program will be able to view the information.
  • Project - For each Sponsored Project, the PI and the Department contacts (Financial Manager and NOA Recipient) on the primary Project can view all Projects under an award.

Salary Security

Similar to today, individual salary data will not be viewable in departmental financial reports. Access to individual salary data will still go through Labor Accounting and be secured by staff class, department, and program. Labor costs will be aggregated by chartstring. In Prime Financials and in the Information Warehouse, labor cost totals for a particular chartstring will be managed by Department, Program, and Project.



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