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LAST UPDATED: November 21, 2014

What You Should Know

Search Pages

There are two options for searching Prime Financials: Basic and Advanced:

  • Basic: Search one field at a time, using only the “begins with” operator with a basic search.
  • Advanced: Search on multiple fields at the same time using a variety of operators to narrow your search.

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When the exact value of a record is unknown, use wildcards in place of unknown characters. Wildcards can be used at the beginning and/or the end of your search criteria.

  • To replace one or more characters, use the percent sign (%)
  • To replace only one character, use the underscore sign (_)

Example 1: If you wanted to search for a supplier with with word "Bistro" in their name, type %bistro% to return all suppliers with Bistro in their name.

Example 2: You can also do a double wildcard search.  If you wanted to search for a supplier with lab supply in their name, type %lab%supply%.

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When performing an advanced search, you can use a variety of operators to narrow your searches. For example, you can search for fund by a particular first letter, by values that are less than or greater than a specified amount, and so on.

Lear more about Using Operators.


The find feature on grids and scroll areas enables you to locate specific data. This feature is particularly useful if your table contains hundreds of rows. Note that this feature enables you to search the data within a specific grid or scroll area only.

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