Faculty Summer Salary Commitments and Distributions

LAST UPDATED: June 4, 2018

What You Should Know

Beginning with the June 2015 Summer Salaries, Summer Salaries will be paid at the base rate for the next academic year and will be aligned with work effort completion. Summer salaries should be paid as closely as possible in the months in which the effort is expended. Faculty may be paid across four months, June-September. If Faculty are working in June, they are paid in June. 

Summer Salary Commitments should match the work effort by month.

Example of Commitments Spread Across Months

  • Up to 2.5 staff months of work effort may be spread over 4 months.
  • Commitments should match work effort, with a maximum of 50% in June or September, and 100% in July and 100% in August

The overall maximum work effort allowed is a maximum of 2.5 months, provided that any salary beyond 2.0 months is derived through sponsored research from government or non-government organizations.

Commitments for July, August, and/or September

When entering commitments for July, August, and/or September, it is important to establish the correct commitment periods. Payments and the resultant charges should be made in the periods/months that the work is performed. This will insure that for sponsored projects, the effort reports will reflect when the work was actually done.

The following table indicates how to split periods for summer salary payment scenarios.

To pay in these months: Split period(s) beginning:
June 6/1/yyyy
July and August 7/1/yyyy and 9/1/yyyy
July only 7/1/yyyy and 8/1/yyyy
August only 8/1/yyyy and 9/1/yyyy
September 9/1/yyyy and 10/1/yyyy

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