Notify Payroll of an International Assignment Step-by-Step

LAST UPDATED: December 5, 2014

Important Information

Department managers initiate this process when an international assignment for a member of the faculty, staff, or student is finalized.

The information collected when you notify payroll of an international assignment is used to track international work activity and to update system records for employment authorization, work location, and U.S. tax withholding.


  • 1

    Forward the International Assignment Form to the individual going on the assignment.

  • 2

    Have the individual complete either the Employee or the Student Information and Declaration section of the notification form, filling out or checking off all fields, then sign and date the form.

  • 3

    If the individual selected a citizenship status of “Non-resident Alien”, a Substantial Presence Test will be required to verify tax status.

    • If the individual has worked for the University in the United States and has a current Glacier record, no action is needed.
    • If the individual has not worked for the University in the United States, have him or her complete the Substantial Presence Test Form and attach it to the International Assignment Form.
  • 4

    Review the form or forms, verify that the information is correct, complete the Department Approval section.

  • 5

    Send the signed form or forms to payroll by fax scan or mail.

This process must be repeated to reflect any changes made to the assignment start or end dates.


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