Change Your W-4 Filing Status or Tax Exemptions Step-by-Step

LAST UPDATED: July 22, 2015

Important Information

Each pay period, deductions are taken for federal and state tax withholdings based on the marital status and tax exemptions you select. You may change these exemptions at any time. Your new exemption choices will be recorded immediately.  However, depending on the timing of the payroll processing cycle, your change may not be reflected in your next pay.

The easiest way to make changes to federal and state exemptions is online. There will be multiple tabs on the W-4 Tax Information page, one for the Federal income tax, and one for the state income tax.  To update your federal withholdings, enter information on the Federal tab, and update your state withholdings by choosing the NJ or PA tab.

If your employment status is non-resident alien, you must submit the W-4 form printed from the Glacier System to Non Resident Tax Compliance and Reporting. Assistance is also available at the Financial Service Center, 7 New South, during normal University business hours.  Your marital status and exemptions will be restricted to S (single) 1 (one exemption).


  • 1

    Log in to HR Self Service if you are a member of the faculty or staff, or TigerHub if you are a student.

  • 2

    Select Payroll from the menu on the left.

  • 3

    Select W-4 Tax Information.

  • 4

    Enter your new marital status and/or change the number of exemptions. If you want an additional amount withheld from each paycheck, enter the amount.

  • 5

    If you need to make changes to the NJ State W-4, click on the applicable tab.

  • 6

    If you need to make changes to the PA state W-4, click on the applicable tab.

  • 7

    Click Submit to confirm your changes.

  • 8

    The Verify Identity page is displayed.  Enter your password. 

  • 9

    Click the Continue button and receive a Submit Confirmation page.

  • 10

    Click Ok to return.


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