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LAST UPDATED: December 10, 2014

What You Should Know

Sponsored Research Report Function

To run sponsored research reports, administrators must first have the Sponsored Research Report Viewer function. This function provides the roles necessary to run sponsored research reports in Cognos.

ChartField Access

In addition to the Sponsored Research Report function, the user must have ChartField access to the project to view data on the reports secured by project. ChartField access is granted through Department and Project Security, which are obtained through department ChartField security, department contacts and the project team.

Access to All Projects Within Department

  • Department ChartField Security
  • Department Contacts:
    • NOA (Notice of Award) Recipient
    • Financial Manager

Access to Specific Projects

  • Project Team Member
    • PI
    • Reporting Role

New Principal Investigators (PIs)

Similar to Department and Grant Administrators, PIs must have the Sponsored Research Report Viewer function to run and view report data for sponsored research projects. ChartField access will be explicitly granted through their PI role on the sponsored project team. Additionally, new PIs should also be assigned the Approver function which allows them to approve journals and subaward invoices that workflow to them on sponsored projects.


The following functions support sponsored research projects and are assigned via the Prime Financials Access Request Form

NOA Recipient
A NOA Recipient is the department contact who receives the Notice of Award and, if assigned the Sponsored Research Report Viewer function, has access to run sponsored reports and view award and project data. This access is given by department level and is not Project or PI specific. Learn more about the NOA Recipient function.

Financial Manager
A financial manager is an individual who has overall responsibility for financial activities for an organization, group or department. It is a bundled function which means several functions are automatically included when the Financial Manager function is assigned to a user, including Sponsored Research Report Viewer. Learn more about the Financial Manager function.

Sponsored Research Report Viewer
A sponsored research report viewer is an individual who has the ability to run and view sponsored research financial reports in the information warehouse. Learn more about the Sponsored Research Report Viewer function.

Approvers have the ability to review and approve cost transfer journals and subaward invoices that workflow to them on sponsored research projects. Learn more about the Approver function.

On an ad hoc basis, individuals may be added to a particular project without gaining access to all department projects. A common example is a faculty assistant who may need limited access to his/her PI’s projects. Access for these types of individuals must be requested via the Prime Financials Access Request Form. In the section labeled “ChartField Access and Thresholds”, indicate the Project(s) that you want to set-up the individual with access to view data.


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