Fly America Act

LAST UPDATED: October 31, 2017

What You Should Know

A federal law (Title 49 U.S. Code, Section 40118) that established a legal requirement that all government-financed air travel be performed by U.S. air carrier services where such service is available.

All flights (domestic and international) supported with federal funds must be taken on U.S. flag air carriers, regardless of cost or convenience – unless an exception, as listed in the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) is authorized.   

Important Note: Under the Fly America Act, domestic travel includes travel within and between the United States, its territories and possessions. Travel outside these specified areas is considered international travel, including travel to Canada and Mexico.

There are some federal agencies that treat travel to Canada and Mexico as domestic travel for award budgetary purposes, but this treatment doesn't exempt travel to these countries from the Fly America Act.

Exceptions to Fly America Act

When travel is supported by federal funds, the traveler must fly on a U.S. flag air carrier unless an exception, under the Federal Travel Regulation, is authorized for travel on a foreign air carrier. Authorized exceptions must be documented and certified.  

The exceptions to the Fly America Act are outlined in the following categories:

Code Share Agreement

Open Skies Agreement

Other Authorized FTR Exceptions

Flight Reservations - How to Improve FAA Compliance

In order to improve compliance with the Fly America Act, the University strongly encourages use of its preferred travel booking services, the University's travel agents at World Travel Inc., or the booking tool Concur, when making flight reservations supported with federal research funds. Costs associated with flights that are determined to be non-compliant will be disallowed on federal awards.

Click the link below that pertains to your booking method for important compliance information and guidance.

If booking through World Travel

If booking through Concur

If booking through Other Sources

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