Sponsored Research Reports

LAST UPDATED: December 10, 2014

What You Should Know

FIN021 - Sponsored Award Summary

Purpose: The Sponsored Award Summary contains budget, expenses, encumbrances, available balance, burn rate, billing and AR details. This report summarizes all project data at the award level and is useful when managing awards with multiple projects.

This report gives you a summary view of the entire award and may be used when preparing award financial reporting. In addition, this report links to award attachments.

Who: SRA, PIs and Departments

Previously Known As: N/A – budget and spending has previously been tracked at the project level on the Sponsored Project Report (SPR) or in an excel file for Parent/Child and accounts receivable had never been shown on reports.

FIN022 - Sponsored Project Summary

Purpose: The Sponsored Project Summary provides details by budget category for a sponsored project and gives you the ability to drill to the Transaction Detail by Chartstring report.

Who: SRA, PIs and Departments

Previously Known As: Sponsored Project Report (SPR)

FIN023 - Award Management Summary

Purpose: The Award Management Summary report provides a one line summary view of all Projects and Activities for an award. This report identifies Projects and Activities that are approaching their end date and Projects that are in deficit.

Who: ORPA, SRA, PIs and Departments

Previously Known As: Deficits and Ending Soon Report Provided by SRA to Departments

FIN025 - Notice of Award

Purpose: The Notice of Award (NOA) is generated real time after the award has been established or modified in PeopleSoft Grants.

The NOA contains award specifications, project information, including obligated and anticipated funding amounts and project dates. The NOA also lists key personnel, terms and conditions, milestones and subawards by project.

Who: ORPA, SRA, PIs and Departments

Previously Known As: Notice of Award (NOA)

FIN028 - Current Support

Purpose: The Current Support report provides Principal Investigators (PIs) and department managers the ability to view current support, including current awards.

Who: ORPA, SRA, PIs and Departments

Previously Known As: View within Coeus application

FIN030 - Subaward Detail

Purpose: A subaward is the formal written agreement made between the University and a subrecipient organization to perform a portion of the Statement of Work under a sponsored award.

The Subaward Detail report provides a list of all subawards by award.

The report includes subaward details, budget and expenditures, and drills to invoice detail for subawards associated with primary awards.

Who: ORPA, SRA, PIs and Departments

Previously Known As: The Coeus Subaward Module



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