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LAST UPDATED: August 3, 2018

What You Should Know

If you receive a University maintenance allowance or an award for serving as an assistant in instruction or research, monthly deductions will be taken from your stipend to satisfy all or part of your student bill. If you do not receive a stipend, the full fall semester tuition and fees are due by October 15, and spring semester tuition and fees by March 15

Your University bill will reflect essential charges and credits, including tuition, tuition support, outside fellowships, and any applicable room and board contract charges. Your bill also may include incidental charges and fees such as the graduate student government (GSG) fee, the one-time transcript fee, and purchases you elect to charge to your account, such as food from the campus cafes.

Electronic Student Account Management

Student Accounts issues electronic bills for tuition and fees. Starting with fall term bill and monthly thereafter as new activity occurs, an email notification will be sent directing you to the TigerPay Student site where you can view and pay your tuition bill, and authorized access to others.  From your TigerPay account, you can also view the new activity on your student account at any time.

Stipend Deductions for Graduate Student Account Charges

If you receive a stipend, you’re automatically eligible for deductions from your stipend to pay for essential charges and incidental fees and charges. The deduction will be reflected on your pay statement as “Student Bill.”


Amounts credited to your account, such as those received for University support and from outside sponsors, appear on your student account statement and are first applied to essential charges. Any balance remaining then is divided over the months remaining in the semester.


Your monthly student account billing statement will include the actual deduction for the billing month, the sum of all prior deductions, and the amount anticipated for future deductions. Any resulting balance due will be reflected on your statement.

The monthly deduction amount will include essential and incidental charges. Deductions for essential charges, such as housing and the cost of dependent health care coverage, will be prorated, and divided evenly over nine months, September through May. Incidental charges, such as café food purchases, will be deducted in the same month the expenses were incurred.

If your stipend covers your deductions for essential and incidental expenses for the month, then no monthly balance is due. If not, you will receive a billing notification and payment is due upon receipt of the notice.

Normally the deduction period is September through May, but if you have an unpaid balance in June, a deduction will be requested from your June stipend to settle your account.

Room & Board Proration: An Example

The transactions below first appear on your September statement. To allow for an even proration of these charges over each term, the full amount due is divided evenly over nine months from September 30 – May 31. The resulting amount is then deducted over five months in the fall semester (September – January) and four months in the spring (February – May).

Fall Board $3,816.65
Fall Room $5,117.20
Total Essential $8,933.85
House Dues $25.00
Student Gov $17.50
Total Incidental $42.50

House dues and the student government fee are considered an incidental charge/fee and the full $42.50 will deducted in September.

The September student bill (SB) deduction will include:

$1,786.77 Prorated share of essential charges (room and board)
$42.50 Incidental charges/fees (house dues and student government fee)
$1,829.27 Total Deduction

Tuition and Support Deduction: An Example

The transactions below first appear on your September statement. If not fully supported, tuition will be deducted over five months of the fall term (September 30 – January 31) and over four months for the spring term (February 28 – May 31).


Fall Tuition $25,625.00
Fall Support & Other Credits $-20,000
Amount Due $5,625.00

$1,125.00 ($5,625/5) will be requested from your stipend starting in September.

Fall Tuition $ 25,625.00
Fall Support/Other Credits $ -20,000.00
Actual Stipend September $1,125.00
Anticipated Stipend Deduction $ -4,500.00
No Payment Due $ 0

Sample Graduate Student Bill:

The sample student bill below presents the detailed credit and charge activity that you will see on your own bills. Activity is broken out between current and prior periods with a total balance due in the right-most column. As indicated above, anticipated future stipend deductions are taken into account when calculating the current balance due.

If You Rent a University Apartment

Apartment rental contract payments will be deducted from your stipend, but they will not display on your student account statement. The monthly amount deducted will appear on your pay statement with the deduction code “RENT”. Rent is always for the month in which the deduction occurs. Contact the rent department for more information.

Adjustments to Your Bill

Adjustments to your bill, for example, changes to tuition support or room or board cancellations, are made when the actual charges or credits are received from the appropriate University office.

Payment Responsibilities: What You Should Know

Here are things you should know about payment responsibilities and consequences of late payments:

  • You will not be registered for each term until all financial requirements are met. If you are being readmitted, you must be current with your Princeton University financial obligations before you will be able to register. 
  • A $25.00 fee will be assessed for any payment that is not honored by the bank. If the dishonored check was in a foreign currency, the adjustment to your account may reflect a different fee amount due to changes in the foreign exchange rates.
  • Charging privileges to your student account may be suspended.

Failure to meet your financial obligations may place your enrollment status in jeopardy.

When You Graduate

In order to graduate, your student account charges must be paid in full. If your account is not current, you will not receive your diploma and will not have access to your transcript.  

A final statement of outstanding charges will be issued on July 1 with a due date of July 15. After any open obligations to the University are paid, if you have a credit balance, you will receive a refund check.

If you can’t bring your account current before graduation, contact student accounts to discuss your options.

If You Withdraw from the University

For complete information about withdrawing from Princeton, see The Graduate School.

If you withdraw, the net balance in your student account will be determined by applying all payments and available credits to the account against all outstanding amounts due. If there is a balance on your student account, you will not have access to your transcript and will not be eligible for readmission until the balance is satisfied.

Requesting a Refund

To request a refund from our student account, complete the Credit Release Form. If you signed up for direct deposit, the refund will be automatically deposited in your bank account. If not, you will receive a check.

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