Our Organization

Diverse group of senior leadership meeting at a large wooden table in a brightly lit conference room with art on the wall.

The Office of Finance and Treasury aims to efficiently and effectively steward the University’s financial resources, while partnering with members of the University community to provide guidance, support, and training for administrative and academic departments’ financial activities. In support of the University’s overall mission, we provide financial information, systems, and policies that meet regulatory and other external requirements, address the operational needs of the University’s departments, and serve the needs of our students, parents, alumni, and fellow staff.

Mission, Values, Priorities

Mission, Values, Priorities of the Office of Finance and Treasury

The Office of Finance and Treasury strives to build a culture focused on service, stewardship, and connections. We deliver the necessary service and financial tools to implement the University’s strategic initiatives, provide stewardship of financial, physical, and human capital, and strengthen connections across campus to support key priorities.

Our daily interactions are grounded in our values of DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), respect, trust, personal responsibility, and collaboration.