Costing, Analysis and Policy

The Costing, Analysis and Policy team of two males and two females sit at a table in a birghtly lit conference room with art on the wall, reviewing a spreadsheet.

The Costing, Analysis, and Policy team is committed to producing meaningful analyses of costs, evaluating the impact to business operations, and protecting the University where there are federal costing compliance considerations. Our team:

  • Collaborates with our partners in academic units, Office of Research and Project Administration, Facilities, Human Resources, Audit and Compliance, Office of Information Technology, and throughout Finance and Treasury using financial information and data analysis techniques. 
  • Prepares proposals to the federal government to support our F&A rate, our employee benefits rates, and the rates of academic research facilities. 
  • Develops costing data by combining related financial information, transaction attributes, and statistics in order to create costing, trend, and predictive forecast models.  
  • Serves as a clearinghouse of financial costing compliance information and provide outreach and training to support and enhance the stewardship of sponsored research funds in compliance with federal regulations and University policies.

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Steven Gill
Assistant Vice President, Costing, Analysis and Policy
Liliana Keany
Costing and Benefits Analyst
Martin Smith
Director, Costing and Analysis