Finance Administration

Finance Administration is responsible for communication, training, campus engagement, and talent management and development in the Office of Finance and Treasury. Providing support to a variety of division-wide and campus-wide initiatives, our team:

  • Manages and oversees the Office of Finance and Treasury website, including content development and collaboration with all departments in Finance and Treasury.
  • Administers all financial system and process training development and delivery.
  • Leads engagement initiatives between the Office of Finance and Treasury and our campus partners.
  • Oversees production of the General Ledger newsletter and annual Report of the Treasurer.
  • Enables and develops staff within the Office of Finance and Treasury.

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Jennifer Poacelli
Executive Director, Finance Administration
Nari Baughman
Talent & Organizational Development Specialist
Shreevi Kanesan Rathna
Assistant Director, Team Development
Maureen Killeen
Assistant Director, Engagement & Communication
Allison Petito
Training Manager