Financial Services

A diverse group of nine staff from Financial Services meet in a conference room.

The Office of Financial Services oversees a broad range of tasks related to the day-to-day financial management of the University. From managing student accounts and payroll to establishing strategies that emphasize fiscal security, efficiency, and impact, our team spans the following departments:

  • Bursar: Oversees student accounts, billing, and payments.
  • Financial Support Services: Includes the Financial Service Center and Shared Services. They assist the University community with questions related to F&T processes and initiatives.
  • Global Financial Services: Provides the support infrastructure for Princeton’s global financial operations.
  • Procurement Services: Responsible for sourcing, contracts, purchases, and payments.

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Jason Knoch
Assistant Vice President, Financial Services

Debbie Howe
Administrative and Project Coordinator

Ayesha Aftab
Data Analyst

Suzanne Bellan
Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives


The Office of the Bursar oversees graduate and undergraduate student accounts. In addition, we handle billing and payment processing related to other financial transactions they may conduct on campus.

Maria L. Bizzarri
Maureen A. Ciambrello
Manager, Student Accounts
Joseph Donigan
Rents Program Administrator
Cynthia Gyenge
Account Representative
Timon Jackson
Account Representative
Andrea Pointin
Account Representative

Financial Support Services

The Financial Support Services department ensures the delivery of high quality financial services to all members of the campus community and includes the Financial Service Center and the Financial Shared Services program.

Brandon Gaines
Senior Associate Director, Financial Support Services
Jennifer Allen
Assistant Manager, Shared Services
Lasha Carey
Financial Services Associate
Michael Franz
Assistant Manager, Shared Services
Tawana Lewis-Harrison
Assistant Manager, Shared Services
Scott Mironov
Manager, Financial Service Center
Karen Mulligan
Financial Services Associate
Millicent Ndiritu
Financial Services Associate
Will Panagakos
Financial Services Associate
Jon Saloukas
Assistant Manager, Shared Services

Global Financial Services

The Global Financial Services Department provides the support infrastructure for Princeton’s global financial operations by streamlining administrative tasks for both the University community and those with whom we work on campus and abroad.

Kristy Holmes
Senior Associate Director, Global Financial Services
Aarifa Mohammed
Senior Global Tax Analyst

Procurement Services

Procurement Services is responsible for systems, processes, and support related to sourcing, contracts, purchases, and payments across the campus that enable Princeton's teaching and research mission.

Mohamed Ela
Director, Procurement Services
Paula Bacall
Payments Manager
Prath Devre
Senior Buyer
Jean Durbin
Contracts Manager
Emmanuel Ebong
Senior Expense Processor
Linda Francis
Travel Program Manager
Susan Godfrey
Travel Program Coordinator
Julia Guan
Supplier Data Specialist
Sue Larose
Senior Expense Processor
Helen Lee
Senior Associate Director, Procurement Operations
Lisa Leisinger
Gloria Lu
Senior Category Manager
Maegan Massaro
Expense Processor
Brian Osbourne
Senior Category Manager
Diana Rolan
Supplier Data Specialist
Rae Anne Romero
Quality and Compliance Analyst
Zack Stein
Senior Buyer
Andrew Szczurko
Expense Processor
Michelle Thomas
Senior Buyer
Carlyle Warner
Procurement Systems Administrator
Kristina Watters
Manager, Procurement Operations
Joseph Woodward
Senior Associate Director, Procurement Services
Tessa Yelenik
Senior Buyer