The Office of the Bursar oversees graduate and undergraduate student accounts. In addition, we handle billing and payment processing related to other financial transactions they may conduct on campus. Our team:

  • Manages online transaction reporting and collection of tuition and fees.  
  • Provides related customer service to students, families, and campus departments.
  • Administers the student Monthly Payment Plan and Graduate Student Installment Plan.
  • Collects rental payments and administers financial transactions related to student, faculty, and staff housing.
  • Oversees the billing and collection of retiree medical insurance benefits.
Maureen A. Ciambrello
Associate Director, Student Financials & University Bursar
Joseph Donigan
Rents Program Administrator & Student Financials Specialist
Cynthia Gyenge
Student Financials Specialist
Andrea Pointin
Student Financials Specialist