Asset Administration

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Stewarding over $14 billion in financial assets

The department of asset administration is responsible for the financial stewardship of University assets and the related accounts. University assets include the endowment, donor gifts, physical facilities investments and miscellaneous receipts. These functions are managed by the offices of investment and gift accounting, the capital budget, University mortgage services, and cash management and cashier services.

Associate Treasurer & Director of Asset Administration 

Matthew Kent  (609) 258-6452

Endowment, Gifts, Capital Budget, Cash, Mortgages

Administrative Assistant 

Peggy Gallagher  (609) 258-3084

Securities, Gifts

Director of Asset Administration Operations 

Peter Krivcov  (609) 258-5051

Provides operational leadership for the functional units supporting endowment administration, gift accounting, planned giving, cash management and systems

Systems Manager 

Pieter Richards  (609) 258-7236

Private I, Assets & Equities, A&E

Capital Budget View Our Home ›

Director, Capital Budget and University Financing 

Amye Kim  (609) 258-2124

Senior Analyst 

Surabhi Vittal  (609) 258-3986

Capital Projects, Capital Budget, Major Maintenance, Annual Funds, Equipment, Capital Equipment, Debt, Debt Financing, Renovations

Cash Management View Our Home ›

University Cashier 

Jody Antenucci  (609) 258-6389

Cash Operations, Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Merchant Accounts, Deposits, Receipts

Gift & Planned Giving Administration View Our Home ›


Karen Hillyer  (609) 258-5043

Planned Giving, Charitable Trusts, Gift Annuity, Pooled Income Fund


Catherine Keltz  (609) 258-6284

Planned Giving, Charitable Trusts, Gift Annuity, Pooled Income Fund

Senior Accounting Manager 

Jennifer  Korinek  (609) 258-5231


Sharon Nash  (609) 258-3073

Gift Accounting, Bequests, Gifts, Annual Giving, Term Gifts, Endowed Gifts, Trusts, Trust Income

Investment Administration Operations View Our Home ›

Associate Director 

Gary Coombs  (609) 258-5219

Princo, Endowment, BNYMellon


Carla Benincasa  (609) 258-2801

Princo, Endowment, BNYMellon, Assets and Equities, Investment warehouse


Michael Wilson  609-258-5619

Princo, Endowment, BNYMellon

University Mortgage Services View Our Home ›

Director, Mortgage Services 

Dede Nissen  (609) 258-3123

Mortgages, Tenancy In Common (TIC), Co-Tenancy, Purchase Plan

Mortgage Assistant 

Maryann Koserowski  (609) 258-3123

Mortgages, Tenancy In Common (TIC), Co-Tenancy, Purchase Plan

Manager, Rents & Mortgages 

Gerald T. Schreffler  (609) 258-6357

Mortgage account management; Rent account management, administration, collections; Mortgage administration, collections


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