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Allocating and monitoring an operating budget of $1.8 billion

The budget office records and posts general funds budget appropriations and reallocates those appropriations in response to requests from departments. We help University administrators and departments monitor income and expense activity, post endowment payouts to individual project grants, and provide estimates of income from these funds. We also administer and maintain the Invested Funds and Term Gift Databases, coordinating with the Provost’s Office, Development, and the Office of General Counsel to ensure adherence to donor restrictions and University designations on the use of those funds. We calculate the employee benefits and indirect cost (F&A) rates, and monitor recharge center budgets and rates.

Budget Director and Associate Provost for Finance 

Steven Gill  (609) 258-3466

General budget questions, Priorities Committee, Employee Benefits rate, ICR/ Indirect Cost rates/F&A rates

Budget Analyst 

Anna Cook  (609) 258-8279

Office of the VP and Secretary, Human Resources, Campus Life

Financial Assistant 

Albert McCullan III  (609) 258-3002

Assistant Budget Director 

Denise Moser  (609) 258-5474

Office of Information Technology, University Services, Office of the Dean of the Faculty, Office of the Dean of the Graduate School, Office of the President, Office of the Provost

Manager of Costing Policy and Analysis 

Roberta Newmeyer  (609) 258-3964

Cost analysis, Facilities & Administration rate, benefit rate proposals

Associate Budget Director 

Steve Semenuk  (609) 258-5523

Endowment income distribution & estimation, Cy Pres/Changed Use Process, Invested Funds and Term Gift Databases

Budget Analyst 

Tatiana Tkachuk  (609) 258-1787

Budget Analyst 

Becky Waldstein  (609) 258-6382

University Library, Office of the Executive Vice President, Office of Finance and Treasury, Facilities



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