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LAST UPDATED: March 11, 2013
3 June 2019

The White House announced on May 30th that a 5% tariff will be imposed on goods from Mexico effective June 10, 2019. Learn more about how this impacts your purchases.

25 April 2019

The trade dispute between the US and China has resulted in significant incremental tariffs on certain goods originating in China. Learn more about how your purchases are impacted.

25 February 2019

The Office of Finance and Treasury is pleased to welcome Jim Matteo, our new Vice President for Finance and Treasurer!

10 October 2018

Join us on November 2, 2018 for the University Travel Showcase, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Frick Atrium. To learn more, visit the Travel Showcase webpage.

10 May 2018

The year end close website, including the updated calendar, and tips and information for the close, is now available!

12 February 2018

The new Capital Asset Management Module is now live. Learn more about this module on the Training & Reference Materials webpage.

19 January 2018

The University is aware of and investigating individuals attempting to defraud suppliers by presenting themselves as associates from the University’s Procurement Services department and soliciting quotes for various goods. For more information, see the Special Information for Suppliers webpage.

16 January 2018

The IRS has issued a statement regarding the new IRS Withholding for 2018. The statement is available here.

25 September 2017

The newly enhanced Financial Management Reports are now available in the Financial Management folder of the Information Warehouse. To learn more about the reports, and upcoming training opportunities, see the Special Edition of The General Ledger newsletter.


14 July 2017

A new policy has been added to the Policy Library called Departmental Overhead Charges to Gift and Endowment Funds.

30 March 2017

The FY17 year end close calendar and webpages are now available. Registration is also open for the Year End Close Information Sessions.  Learn more on the Year End Close Webpage.

20 February 2017

The new Monthly Actuals (FIN014) report is used for the review and comparison of actuals and trends month-over-month and year-over-year. This report provides chartstring actual totals for each month of the selected fiscal year, total fiscal year-to-date, and totals for two prior fiscal years.

25 October 2016

The Internal Revenue Service has issued an ITIN Policy change, effective October 1, 2016.  More information can be found on the Scholarships & Fellowships webpage.

30 August 2016

The University Copier Program will provide new, multifunctional copiers that print and copy in color, and provide scan and fax capabilities at a lower cost to departments. Learn more by visiting the University Copier Program website.

30 August 2016

The August edition of the General Ledger Newsletter is now available, featuring the University Copier Program and Student Program Taxation information.

26 May 2016

The May edition of The General Ledger newsletter is now available, featuring Year End Close 2016 and two new financial reports.

17 May 2016

The new Current Open Purchase Order Encumbrances report (FIN065) provides users with a sortable list of all open purchase order encumbrances, liquidations and remaining encumbrance. Learn more about the FIN065 report.

16 May 2016

Payroll schedules for fiscal year 2017 are now available on the Monthly & Biweekly Payroll Cycles webpage.

19 April 2016

The new Supplier Management Process is now available for use in the Prime Marketplace! For more information, including links to training materials, please visit the New Supplier Management Process webpage.

19 April 2016

The FIN068 “Fund Restriction/Designation by Initial Department/Fund/Program Payout Distribution” report provides a condensed summary of distributed investment income payout, restrictions, and endowment book and market values for each invested fund source that flows to a user-selected chartstring. Learn more - FIN068 Report Reference Guide.


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