Payroll & Labor Accounting

Together, the Payroll and Labor Accounting systems offer you an easy way to track salaries and stipends, or to manage payments, commitments, and distributions. Payroll enables you to pay your employees on time and in the correct amount, while Labor Accounting maps charges to the General Ledger. In this section, you will find resources for administrators and employees alike.

Have questions? Contact the Financial Service Center at (609) 258-3080 or email us for guidance.

  • Both departments and their employees play a role in proper payroll management at Princeton. The resources found in this section cover the ins and outs of making sure employees are paid on time and in the correct amount each pay period, while also covering special topics of concern to each party, as well as time and absence processes.

  • Request access to Labor Accounting; understand its uses, from managing funding distributions for faculty and staff to facilitating graduate fellowship stipends and tracking sponsored research efforts; and review cases that require special Finance and Treasury handling.