Labor Accounting

Labor Accounting (LA) is used to allocate salary costs to the General Ledger Chart of Accounts. In LA, you will find salary information about faculty, staff, and biweekly employees. The tool also contains stipend and tuition information for graduate students, faculty summer salary commitments and distributions, and sponsored research project detail for effort reporting and certification compliance.

Note that hourly wages for casual employees, graduate students, and undergraduate students are not managed in LA. Hourly wages are applied to the appropriate chartstring and entered in Time and Absence Management.

  • Labor Accounting Access

    Request access to Labor Accounting to view, change, or approve faculty, staff, or graduate student changes in the LA application; or to view LA reports in the Information Warehouse. For LA Access, follow the instructions on the Labor Accounting Access form.  
  • Labor Accounting Overview

    Take the “Introduction to Labor Accounting” class through the Employee Learning Center to become familiar with LA and manage commitments and distributions. This helpful overview will help get you started.
  • Labor Accounting Cost Transfers

    Understand the scenarios which require special handling by Finance and Treasury.
  • Useful Resources

    View useful resources for working with Labor Accounting.