Labor Accounting Access

Labor Accounting access is based on several elements that work together. The first is your role, or what kind of activity you perform in LA.

Basic LA Roles

  1. Department Manager: Make and approve distribution and commitment changes for all types of staff for your department.
  2. Finance Manager or Coordinator: Make distribution and commitment changes for specific types of staff for your department, and submit for approval.
  3. Graduate Program Administrator: Make and approve distribution and commitment changes for graduate students only.
  4. Grants Manager: Make and approve distribution and commitment changes for staff associated with sponsored research projects in your department.
  5. Sponsored Research Effort Viewer or Reviewer: View or review the effort screens for sponsored research projects associated with your department.
  6. Principal Investigator (PI): Periodically certify work effort devoted to your sponsored research project(s) as the professor or other individual who is the lead researcher.

PI Access

A PI’s access is established automatically in LA, based on nightly updates from the PS Grants System. PS Grants maintains a database of sponsored research projects with their associated PIs. When a PI is added or removed, the change is automatically updated in LA. No LA Access Form is required for PI LA access.

LA Data Access

One’s LA Role—department manager, finance manager, graduate program administrator, or grants manager—is combined with the range of LA data that a user may see. LA data access is based on department and staff class. There are two kinds of department access in LA:  home department and charged department.

"Home" Department

The home department is the PS HR/HCM department with administrative oversight for the employee or graduate student. Home department access provides visibility to the complete Person Detail Screen for an individual, including both commitments and distributions.

"Charged" Department

The charged department is the department named in the distribution chartstring for an individual's salary. Charged-department access provides visibility to the distributions section on the Person Detail Screen for any individual charged to the user’s charged department.  This means that a user can access the person detail distributions of any individual—when that individual is charged to the user’s charged department.

Staff Class

Staff class is the PS HCM staff group of the individual: faculty, administrative, biweekly A or B, graduate student, etc. Both home and charged department data access may be restricted to specific staff classes.  


Request Labor Accounting Access

To gain access to LA, complete the Labor Accounting Access Form and send it to the Office of Finance and Treasury for processing.

Note: Labor Accounting access is managed separately from Prime Financials access. Prime access and Prime Information Warehouse (IW) access does not provide access to Labor Accounting individual salary data or reports.

Access to Prime Information Warehouse Labor Accounting Reports

Access to the Prime IW LA ‘folder’ is determined by your Labor Accounting security. If you have LA access as an approver or manager, you will have automatic access to the LA IW folder. It is also possible to request access solely for the Prime IW LA folder. This is “Prime Warehouse Only” on the form. Home and charged department and staff class data-access restrictions will apply in the Warehouse.

As an IW user, you may see aggregated salary data (for example, a payroll total by account code) in a Warehouse Financial Report, based on your Prime department, program, and project access, without specific LA Access.